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2020 Nov 17:

2021 NASA Calendar (March!) & Explore Science Planning Guide

2020 Apr 16:

Rocket-Borne Telescope Detects Super-Fine Strands on the Sun

2020 Apr 9:

NASA solar mission spots wild threads woven into the sun's atmosphere

2018 Jun 5:

NASA’s Hi-C launches to study Sun’s corona

2018 May 29:

Successful re-flight (Hi-C 2.1)!

2016 Jul 22:

Hi-C to Show the Sun's Corona in Sharp Detail


In NONE of our presentation materials, nor in our Nature publication, did we make the claim or statement that the Hi-C [1] observations have "solved the Coronal Heating problem". In fact, we worked quite hard to make it clear that our observations are but a glimpse at field dissipation and nowhere near the level of data needed to fully address the problems of coronal heating, magnetic reconnection, or space weather. There has been some artistic license on the part of some publications, but overall we are very grateful for the generous and positive coverage our mission has received.

- Dr. Jonathan Cirtain for the Hi-C [1] team.

2014 Jun 24:

Royal Astronomical Society — Solar moss shakes at 16,000 km an hour

2013 Jul 17:

Solar Science — Heliophysics Nugget: How To Share Sun Observations With the World

2013 Jul 1:

redOrbit — Stunning New Solar Atmosphere Images Could Help Solve Longstanding Mysteries — Rocket-launched camera reveals highways and sparkles in the solar atmosphere

The Indian Express — Sharpest ever images of the Sun's atmosphere captured

SEN — 'Sparkles' could be heating the Sun's atmosphere

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2013 Jan 25:

ARS Technica — NASA rockets up a telescope to solve mysteries of the Sun's corona

ITWire — Magnetic braids found in Sun

2013 Jan 24:

The Guardian — High-resolution Nasa images show magnetic braids of the sun - video

Huffington Post — 'Magnetic Braids' In Sun's Outer Atmosphere May Help Explain Star's Super-Hot Corona, Space Weather

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2013 Jan 23:

Nature article release — Energy release in the solar corona from spatially resolved magnetic braids

Nature Letter — Solar physics: Towards ever smaller length scales

Nature News — Solar magnetism twists braids of superheated gas

Wall Street Journal — Photos of the Day: Jan. 23

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Discovery — Magnetic 'Braids' May Cook the Sun's Corona — The Sun Revealed: Photos of the Million-Degree Solar Corona — How NASA Revealed Sun's Hottest Secret in 5-Minute Spaceflight — NASA Telescope Reveals 'Magnetic Braids' in Sun's Atmosphere

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Daily Mail — The astonishing 90-mile high solar eruption on the Sun's surface that burns at 4MILLION degrees C

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Seattle Post Intelligencer — An image of the sun that thrilled NASA and will stun you

LA Times — NASA solves 30-year solar puzzle with 5 minutes and $5 million

2013 Jan 23:


NASA — 'Hi-C' Mission Sees Energy in the Sun's Corona

NASA HQ Press Conference Briefing Materials

NASA HQ Press Conference and Data Release (1 pm EST)

2012 Jul 21:

IB Times — Nasa's HiC Telescope Captures Stunning Images of Sun's Corona

2012 Jul 20:

NASA News — NASA Telescope Captures Sharpest Images of Sun's Corona