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Data Policy & Products

Hi-C is a publically funded sounding rocket program; therefore, it has an open data policy. However, a lot of hard work goes into researching, developing, and preparing user-friendly, scientific-quality data sets.

So please be sure to acknowledge appropriately, and let us know what you publish so that we can acknowledge your contributions as well!


When you publish your work with Hi-C data, please acknowledge the Hi-C program as follows:

Hi-C 1:

"We acknowledge the High resolution Coronal Imager instrument team for making the flight data publicly available. MSFC/NASA led the mission and partners include the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Mass.; Lockheed Martin's Solar Astrophysical Laboratory in Palo Alto, Calif.; the University of Central Lancashire in Lancashire, England; and the Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow."

Hi-C 2.1:

"We acknowledge the High-resolution Coronal Imager (Hi-C 2.1) instrument team for making the second re-flight data available under NASA proposal 17-HTIDS17_2-003. MSFC/NASA led the mission with partners including the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, the University of Central Lancashire, and the Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory. Hi-C 2.1 was launched out of the White Sands Missile Range on 2018 May 29."

Entry to Hi-C publication list

On publication of your papers using Hi-C 1 data, it would be particularly helpful if you could inform us of the reference so that we can keep a record of these works. Please send the following reference information to:

amy DOT r DOT winebarger AT nasa DOT gov    &    sabrina DOT savage AT nasa DOT gov

Title of the paper:
Publication year:
Volume and pages (if available):

Get the Data!

The Hi-C 1 and Hi-C 2.1 data are being hosted through the Virtual Solar Observatory (VSO) servers. See below for the User Guides.

Hi-C 1:

Please refer to the Data Analysis Page for a description of the updates in version 3.

There are 7 data products available through the VSO along with bundled cotemporaneous data from SDO/AIA:

1. 4k Level 1.0
2. 4k Level 1.5

3. 1k Level 1.0
4. 1k Level 1.5
5. 1k Level 1.5_stacked

Movie Quality:
6. 1k Level 2.0
7. 1k Level 2.0_stacked

You can access the Hi-C 1 data through the following link:

Hi-C 2.1:

There are 4 data products available through the VSO along with bundled cotemporaneous data from IRIS and SDO/AIA:

1. Level 1.0
2. Level 1.5

3. IDL sav file of low-jitter indices (refer to the User Guides for an explanation of the flight jitter)
4. Calibration files

You can access the Hi-C 2.1 data through the following link:

User Guides