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Data Analysis Resources

The un-prepped data is not provided through the VSO to reduce unnecessary computational time overall; therefore, the calibration files are not distributed en masse. If you would like to request access to these files, please contact sabrina DOT savage AT nasa DOT gov.

Questions and comments regarding the following User and Development guides can be directed to sabrina DOT savage AT nasa DOT gov.

Hi-C 1

Download the Hi-C 1 Data User Guide (Version 3).

Download the Hi-C 1 4k Level 0.5 Development Guide (Version 3).

Version 3 Updates


Several updates were made to the latest version of the Hi-C data which include:

- Corrections to the time stamps.

- Compensation for missing rows.

- Re-alignment after Hi-C time correction and missing row adjustment.

- Application of fine-alignment shifts.

- Additional dust and particle hits were removed.

- Intensity levels were normalized and more adequately scaled between the 1K set and 4K extractions and between quadrants.

- Application of absorption compensation.

- The method for stacking the 1K set was changed to more adequately scale after alignment. Separate stacked sets are provided to allow for analysis of high cadence sets.

- Two movie-quality sets were created that suppress noise.

- Alignment includes tracking to remove drift.

Further explanation can be found in the following guide:

Hi-C 2.1

Download the Hi-C 2.1 Data User Guide.

Download the Hi-C 2.1 Level 0.5 Development Guide.